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The Gestor

TheGestor is a mobile & web application for freelancers based in Spain. With TheGestor, you can send invoices to your clients, receive payments through your clients, link your bank account, see your tax forecasts and even receive fiscal advice. With the premium subscription you also receive a personal tax advisor who files all your taxes for you.

Unlike a traditional accountant, TheGestor uses algorithms that eliminate any error, and provides alerts about deductible expenses. All our tax filings are pre checked by your personal tax advisor with the plan premium.

You can create custom invoices, request payment through a card directly to your account, link your bank account, view your tax forecasts and deadlines and chat with your tax advisor all within the app.


You can cancel your subscription at any time in the app.

Monthly Subscriptions: When you cancel the plan, you can use all the services until the end of the current month.

Annual Subscriptions: When you cancel the plan, we will not refund the lost months. For questions, you can write to info@thegestor .com or ask us through our chat in the app.

We support most debit/credit cards

To modify the associated card or billing info, contact us at and we will restart the payment method in the app.

We automatically include your TheGestor invoice for VAT deduction

Basic Plan

  • Add your invoices & expenses
  • Create contact profiles
  • Digitalization of docs
  • Download /upload docs
  • Link your bank account
  • Tax forecasts
  • Invoice generator
  • Receive payments
  • Storage upto 150Mb

The Basic Plan is free. This plan is perfect for you if you file your own taxes or have an accountant.

Premium plan

  • All basic plan features
  • Transfer from your old accountant
  • Preparation of tax models
  • Tax filings
  • Personal accountant
  • Unlimited storage

The price of the Premium Plan changes depending on the payment method you prefer.

Monthly for a price of 39euros / month including VAT
390euros / year including VAT


Your personal accountant will review the invoices and expenses you have added in your account and prepare your tax models. He will validate the models with you, and with your confirmation, he will file your taxes.

If you have contracted the Premium Plan and you have an accountant, we will manage your transfer for free. You must send us following documents:

  • Model 036 or 037
  • DNI (photograph of front and reverse) or NIE
  • Taxes filed in the two quarters preceding the current quarter
  • Account books with the record of the invoices & expenses
  • IBAN

TheGestor asks you for the IBAN in order to automate the payment of the tax settlement to your bank account.

Yes, TheGestor can register me as a freelancer at a cost of 49euros inc. VAT. Please contact us from the chat if you need to be registered in Spanish Tax System.

We recommend you keep your profile updates and routinely add your invoices and expenses as you incur them. In the worst case, you should upload any invoice/expense latest by 5 days before the tax submission deadline.

The last day to review the drafts of the tax models relevant to your activity is one day before the deadline.

TheGestor files the following tax models (if necessary according to the case):

  • Model 111 – Self-employed quarterly personal income tax
  • Model 115 – Rent withholding
  • Form 123 – Withholdings and payments on account
  • Form 130 – Payment on personal income tax
  • Form 180 – Annual summary withholdings
  • Form 190 – Annual income tax summary
  • Form 193 – Annual summary withholdings
  • Model 303 – VAT self-assessment
  • Form 347 – Annual declaration with third parties
  • Model 349 – Intra-community operations
  • Form 390 – Annual VAT summary

Yes! We can provide you your income statement in excel, just ask us.

We securely store all your invoices. However, the Treasury can request your receipts up to 5 years after its presentation. Then, we recommend for security reasons to always save your bills.

For an invoice to be valid, it must include:

  • Invoice Number
  • Date of issue
  • Sender’s / receiver’s data (Name, NIF & address)
  • Concept
  • Taxation type
  • Commercial registry information (if it is a company)

Change Plan

You can change from the Premium Plan to the Basic Plan when you need it. The Basic Plan will start when the Premium Plan would be finished.

Changing plans has no cost.

My account

You can find all the information about your financial situation: bank movements, financial charts, taxes etc.)

Within your profile, you need to add the access credentials of your account. This could be a combination of username/password and sms confirmation.

My profile

Access the “Login” page and click on “Forgot your password?”. Enter your account email and you will receive an email link to generate another password.

To unsubscribe from The Gestor you can delete your account quickly and safely from the app in the profile part: “delete account”.

If you prefer, you can contact us by email and we will do it for you.

By accessing «Personal data» in the “Profile” part, you can change: name, surname, NIF / NIE, telephone, email and activity.
If you change emails, you will receive emails to that address.

Knowing what you do allows us to personalize your TheGestor experience.

You must absolutely fill in the following information:

  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Surnames
  • Phone
  • CIF / NIF
  • All these data appear in your accounting books, which you can automatically download with The Gestor.

If the data entered in Facebook in Gmail is not the actual data, you must change the information in the “profile” part of the app.


Your data is totally safe with TheGestor. We use the most secure encryption technology and providers to enable security at the highest level.

The data you share with us is confidential. We comply with the European data protection regulations. We can use your information to improve our services or if we need to help you with something. We will always notify you beforehand.

TheGestor doesn’t see the access codes of your online banking to connect your bank account. Your bank and personal details are protected. In TheGestor, you can see the read-only movements of your account, but you could never make transfers from the app. You can integrate your stripe account to receive payments from your clients through TheGestor.

Our payment system is completely secure and the information communicated is encrypted. Meets all necessary requirements (updated PCI –DSS regulations and 3D Secure protocol)

You can upload or download your current quarter data in the app data in pdf format. In addition, you can download your accounting book in Excel format.

If you request it, all your information will be removed from our system. You can write to

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